The Grass Becomes Greener When You Cure Hastenburaphobia

Today I met a lady who admitted to what some may consider a strange phobia.  A fear of grass.  It even has a name:  Hastenburaphobia.

My first question to her was “How does the fear of grass affect you on a day to day basis?”  A big part of having a phobia is the avoidance patterns of behaviour a person with a phobia becomes good at.  

So, in this lady’s case, she won’t walk down a path with grass on either side.  And she’ll take the Israelites Journey to do a detour and avoid stepping on grass.  A picnic in the park is also out of the question.  

Detoxing Procrastination at The Chosen Women's Business Event

This weekend, I’ll be presenting on Procrastination at the Inspiring Women in Business Seminar & Expo in Beckton, East London, on Saturday September 6, organised by the Chosen Women Outreach.  

This year’s theme is Thriving In Business and my talk is entitled:  Three Toxic Ingredients For Procrastination That Choke Small Business Owners - And Simple Techniques To Detox Your Mind To Wealth.

Chosen Women Outreach is a global social welfare charity who support and empower disadvantaged women and children, transforming their lives for the better.

Stress Free Bed Times For Mother And Baby

I received this thank you today: "Hello Jimi I met you aprox 2 week s ago at the fete in All Nations Church Clapham.  YOU were kind enough to show me havening technique for me and my baby.  Just want to say thank you so much it has been a godsend bedtime is 50 percent  less stressful and I know I will have stopped the breastfeeding very soon. So thank you so much God bless xx"

New BNI Chapter Network Launching in Vauxhall, South London

A new BNI chapter is opening in Vauxhall, South London and we have openings for the following: Solicitor, Buildings Surveyor, Building Contractor, Caterer, Events Planner, Business Coach, Interior Designer, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Property Manager, Removals Business, Landscape Gardener, Tree Surgeon, Virtual Personal Assistant, Book-keeper,  Plumber, Heating Engineer, Roofer, and Specialist Floor Cleaner Cleaner.

Why Should A Fear of Flying Ruin Your Next Holiday?

Is a fear of flying a no-brainer concern after so many recent air plane crashes?  Before Malaysian Airline Flight MH370, one in five people in the United Kingdom were thought to suffer from a fear of flying, which is also known as aviophobia.  It’s a pretty firm guess that this figure has risen as more seek help with this fear with hypnosis or hypnotherapy for fear of flying.

Is Ramadan Your Perfect Opportunity To Stop Smoking?

Is Ramadan your perfect opportunity to stop smoking for good, and feel good about it?  Not just during Ramadan?  A week into Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, (which this year started on the 28th of June, 2014), is observed by millions of Muslims (also known as Moslems) around the world. It is a time for purifying the body and the mind, during which observant Muslims fast and abstain from worldly pleasures.

NHS - Rebels With a Healthy Cause

The sale of so-called anonymous patients' data and NHS hospital closures are the topics for discussion on the next installment of my radio show, Get Healthy, on Croydon Radio.  Change is supposed to be embraced.  But some changes can present more challenges than solutions, as is the assertion of my guests on next Tuesday's Croydon Radio Get Healthy show. 

Rebels With Healthy Causes: Care Data and Hospital Closures

With the threat of NHS hospital closures, Colin Crilly and Brian Colman are doing all they can to oppose proposed NHS hospital closures, particularly.


This review is of Jimi's Weight Control programme, which includes 4 - one hour sessions. I cannot emphasise enough how much these sessions have improved my understanding of the whole subject and (without concious effort or realisation) have...