Can A Hypnotist Make You Do Things Against Your Will?

More often than not, after introducing myself as a hypnotherapist, one of the first things I'm asked is, can a hypnotist hypnotize a person to do something against their will?

My answer often shocks.  Regrettably, the answer is yes, if the hypnotist is either down-right unethical, or just thinks they know what you need better than you do.  In other words, unethical.  Yes, an unethical hypnotist can make a person do things against their will.

How To Overcome Your Fear of Driving Test Failure With a Hypnotherapist

The old adage, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” – does not ring true for many drivers who've failed their driving test multiple times.  Peter Kay, the star of Car Share TV comedy, had 176 lessons over a period of 6 years and failed his driving test 4 times.  For hundreds more, the number of failed driving attempts goes into the tens. 

Treatment for Panic Attacks During Train Delays

Have you found yourself stuck on a train lately, or trapped for what seemed to be hours on the underground?

When I’m stuck on a train, it’s a minor point of irritation for me.  If I’ve got a book or magazine to read, and the privilege, during rush hour on a crowded train of a seat, then I’ll engross myself in that.  Perhaps phone ahead if I’m being delayed for a meeting.

But then, I’m lucky that I’m not one of the many that suffer panic attacks when stuck on a train.

Are There Risks To People Who Are Hypnotized If They Have Epilepsy or Mental Health Disorders?

Are There Risks To People Who Are Hypnotized If They Have Epilepsy or Mental Health Disorders?

A few people asked me this question today during the broadcast of the first episode of ITV's You’re Back In The Room starring Keith Barrie.

You’re Back In The Room seems to be the marmite of Saturday Evening TV at the moment, going by the twitter feed trend for #yourebackintheroom  Where game show meets stage hypnosis show in a cocktail of unconscious mayhem.

Are You Held Back By a Friday 13th Phobia?

According to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina, approximately 17 to 21 million US citizens are affected by a fear of Friday the 13th.  This makes it the most feared day and date in history.

Some people are so paralysed by fear on Friday 13th that they avoid their normal routines, from business, to flights, to significant events.  Even getting out of bed is fraught.  

Free Lung Age Test For Smokers At Barclays Bank Streatham For No Smoking Day

Did you know there is a lung test that can tell smokers how smoking has aged their lungs and made them prone to chronic lung diseases?  I'll be offering smokers free lung age tests at my latest Pop-up shop at Streatham Barclays Bank this Wednesday, March 11, which happens to be No Smoking Day and is being marked throughout the United Kingdom.

Has A Fear of Dogs Made You Prisoner In Your Own Home?

Has A Fear of Dogs Made You Feel Like A Prisoner In Your Own Home?

A fear of dogs really can make you feel like a prisoner in your own home.  The clinical terminology for this phobia is Cynophobia and it is one of the top 20 phobias in the world. Ironic when you consider that dogs are known as man’s best friend.  But for someone with a phobia of dogs, a dog is, psychologically, their worst enemy.

Healthy Girl Power on The Get Healthy Show on Croydon Radio

The next broadcast of my Get Healthy show on Croydon radio is going to feel like Girl Power convention with an all female cast touching on subjects as far reaching as healthy vision, weight loss and the launch of a new book on nursing. 

First guest is Dr Susan Blakeney, Clinical Adviser to the College of Optometrists; there will also be Paula Goode a highly skilled life and business coach and book author, and multi-award winning weight loss guru, Debbie Holden. 



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