Hypnotherapy Treatment in Streatham, South London

My name is Jimi Sayo and I specialise in Hypnotherapy to achieve mind-set updates that make behaviour and life-style changes achievable and sustainable.  I believe in root cause, a historic event, that has an impact on our behaviour and choices, later in life.

I believe that every client's session should be meaningful, teaching them about themselves, and not just about coping.  Coping implies the issue is still there.  I aim to resolve the issue.  Understanding ourselves means we aren't so hard on ourselves.

If you think you are at a point where hypnotherapy might help you, then you can email me, or phone, and we can arrange a consultation.  Initial consultations are available via Skype or telephone.


How Hypnotherapy Can Help You


I went to see Jimi because I had concerns about my weight.  Jimi and I talked through my options and I opted to have a virtual gastric band, known by some as the hypnotic gastric band.

I had 4 sessions of hypnotism for this and it was...

Jimi Introduces Hypnosis